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Evaluating the impact of Minimum Unit Pricing in Scotland:  Observational study of small retailers

The study focuses on the evaluation of changes in alcohol price, marketing practices and products in small retailers in response to the implementation of MUP in Scotland. It will report in mid 2020.

Research questions

  • What happens to the price of alcohol products sold below and above £0.50-per-unit prior to, and following, the implementation of MUP?
  • What happens to the price differential between alcohol products at different points in the price distribution?
  • What happens to the alcohol product range offered to consumers?
  • What happens to low cost, high strength alcohol once it becomes significantly more expensive, for example is it re-branded (in glass bottles) or is it removed from shelves altogether?
  • What happens to the ways in which previously low cost, high strength alcohol is marketed?

Study description

This is a mixed-method study that aims to understand small retailers’ experiences of MUP. Namely, how alcohol price, products and promotions change in these retailers after MUP is introduced, and the retailers experience of MUP. The study uses electronic till data, store audits and interviews with retailers and documentary review of retail trade press.

You can download the protocol for this study.

The final report from the small retailers study has been published by the Institute for Social Marketing at the University of Stirling.

The membership of the Evaluation Advisory Group for this study can be found on our Evaluation Advisory Group page.