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Improving health
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We work with local and national stakeholders to maximise the contribution of housing to health improvement and reducing health inequalities.

On this page, you will find case studies showcasing examples of how accessible, affordable and high quality homes are fundamental to health and wellbeing.

Click through the links to read the different case studies. 

Housing and trauma case studies

In 2019 we worked with colleagues in the social housing sector to understand how they deliver housing services which recognise the impact of ACEs (adverse childhood experiences) and trauma.

This was in response to events held in 2018 which sought to explore the role of the housing sector in the prevention and mitigation of ACEs and trauma. Read the event report.

Our housing and trauma case studies showcase examples of trauma informed practice in social housing.

Homes for Good

This case study highlights the importance of having one point of contact for tenants and a guaranteed home for as long as they want it. These provide stability and allows trust in the relationship between tenant and housing provider.

Linstone Housing Association

This case study shows how housing providers working in partnership with other organisations can support tenants with issues such as poor mental health, addiction, and debt. It also shows how they are working with tenants to build resilient communities.

South Ayrshire Council

This case study shows the role of leadership in changing policy and practice. It also highlights the importance of ensuring the wider workforce has an understanding of trauma and ACEs.