The houses we live in and the places we live have an important influence on our health and wellbeing. They are also fundamental to reducing health inequalities.

On this page you will find resources and information about housing and health inequalities, including our inequalities briefing.

Housing and health inequalities

Housing has an important influence on health inequalities in Scotland. This is through the effects of

  • housing costs
  • housing quality
  • fuel poverty
  • the role of housing in community life.

Many people do not live in a home that is warm, dry and affordable. This is particularly evident for those worst off in society.

There is more work to do to ensure that there are a sufficient number of quality, affordable homes to meet the needs of people in Scotland.

Our Housing and health inequalities briefing paper looks at the relationship between housing and health inequalities. It also makes recommendations for action.

National action

The Scottish Public Health Network (ScotPHN), along with a wide range of both housing and health stakeholders, produced a report making a series of practical recommendations regarding housing and health inequalities. This was based on

  • examining available evidence
  • the experience of the advisory group
  • their knowledge of the health and housing systems.

You can read 'The Foundations for well-being: reconnecting public health and housing. A Practical Guide to Improving Health and Reducing Inequalities' on the ScotPHN website.

50,000 affordable homes

Scottish Government have set a target of building 50,000 affordable houses by 2021. Following a recommendation in the above report, ScotPHN conducted a Health Impact Assessment (HIA) of this programme to assess the impact building these houses is likely to have on health inequalities. You can also read this report on the ScotPHN website.